How does DeFiHelper work? A Detailed Explanation

DeFiHelper architecture

The protocol consists of two distinct layers.

  • Security: the service must not have access to the user’s private keys, and hacking any of the system’s separate components should not jeopardize clients’ funds.
  • Flexibility: the user can withdraw their funds at any time or perform actions manually, and the service should not be limited to certain contracts. The system must be universal and flexible in terms of connecting new protocols.
  • Development speed: the protocol receives its commissions for automated actions it performs, and new protocols need to be quickly integrated into the DFH ecosystem.

The Blockchain

  • Balance: this is a contract with information about users’ overall portfolio balance in the system. The protocol’s commission and the cost of blockchain transactions are debited from the balance.
  • Treasury: this is a treasury of the protocol. Withdrawing funds from the Treasury is possible only through a general vote of DFH token holders.
  • Budget: the technical contract for automatic replenishment of consumer balances (see below).
  • Storage: a storage of basic parameters and protocol’s addresses.
  • Store: a contract for batch purchases of assets. For example, a batch of notifications.
  • Automation: a blockchain contract for automated execution of a set of actions on a specific blockchain.
  • Backend: all the business logic is concentrated here.
  • Inspector: a service for calculating the actual commission.
  • Consumer: a service for conducting transactions.
  • Staking-oracle: an oracle that makes the decision to restake assets

DeFiHelper algorithm: Step-by-step

Let’s examine how DFH works using a specific example. Imagine a user wants to apply the auto-staking algorithm to one of their contracts.


DeFiHelper Website | Litepaper | News Channel (EN) | News Channel (RU) | Chat (EN) | Chat (RU) | Twitter | Discord | Github | Math Behind DeFiHelper



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